Tuesday, 25 August 2015

That Said

It's been a while... 

...feeling happy today and kind of nostaligic. Spent a great evening with old friends yesterday. An amazing private reading by Huttel at the Beaches, pink sky as a backdrop and a tiny little moon trying to make itself known. Talking and talking about heroes, music and movies. Inevitably Hawks, Malick and Cimino came up. To Have and Have Not and the one and only Walter Brennan and in the background, Nick Lowe going on about Chirstmas At The Airport. It was a great reunion, it was poetry, it was just us! 

Chemistry of the Unknown

There was a small night years ago. A few drinks, good friends and a rock and roll band.
Afterwards, walking to the car, steam sailing off our breath into the frosty night, you said we looked like a pack of bison.

“A herd, a gang, an obstinacy,’ I said. 

“There is nothing falling out of the sky,” you answered.

I thought about the chemistry of snowflakes. The H and the 2, the bonding of crystals, water molecules and hexagons. I thought that maybe you were the story of my life, the love of my happiness. So I walked beside you for the next 20 years.

Today a letter arrived from the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. There is enough gravity left for one more dance.

And here is the fabulous James Bay.

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