Friday, 2 May 2014

Dictator Poetry

Oulipost was a fabulous dream that is now over. I loved it to bits! It brought me outside of myself and into the shenanigans of politics, stocks, weather, births and deaths and the carrying on of others. I had to stretch my imagination around the block at times just to nail down those few words on the page. The challenges were at times frustrating but mostly they were illuminating and they gave me the opportunity to play with language in a way I have not done for a long time. For that, I thank the fearless Oulipost leaders! Oddly, I found it liberating being told what and how to write. Mind you it was for only a month and that’s good enough for me.

The “dictators” ask me what my street looks like? Tree-lined, sometimes lonely- on Sunday mornings-, but mostly my street looks like “home”, even when the geese settle onto the middle of road lounging.

I will miss my journey down the Oulipostian highway, I will remember it fondly and I will carry on along a different road, fiddling with words, buying newspapers, looking for headlines and you will find me, always, on The Kandinsky Highway.

Happy trails! That’s a wrap.

Poetry, poems, writing, write, Necakov

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