Monday, 3 March 2014

First Day on the Highway

Okay, so I created a blog. Now what? Flying by the seat of my pants here. I created this thing so I could; procrastinate and not write, procrastinate and not run in -18 degree weather, procrastinate and not do the laundry and to be able to join the Oulipost Found Poetry Review

Oh, and to tell you that I had a blast at Jim Smith's Lit Live reading in Hamilton last night! Mini road trip with Jim, always a treat and usually a poem at the end of it?

Gearing up to read tomorrow night at Boneshaker Reading series with Rob McLennan.

Happy trails for now.


  1. I think this is the best named blog ever! I think this woman will be agreat blogger, if she can just avoid poetry and running! She ws a wonderful travel companion, who else would flush a story out of me about a softball-sized ball of phlegm and one about haunting by unsolicited info about my ex-wife after 36 years! Lill, you are one terrific writer person! Keep this blog up!

  2. Wouldn't mind hearing some anecdotes about Boneshaker! :) Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

  3. Kandinsky Highway: because I'm Wassily distracted? But I'm glad this is here and looking forward to hitching an abstract ride down wherever it goes. And yes, Jim's reading was extraordinary. The night of long icicles…wow.

    1. Thanks Gary! Started out dangerous, as I turned onto King William I almost hit a shadowy figure...Andrew Faulkner! Would have depleted the uranium of the poetic future!

    2. Thanks for the support! will try to do my best.

    3. Thanks Gary. I think I might just check out a book about either bloogging or Wassily. I think the one on Wassily would make the blog more interesting.