Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Days of Heaven

Some days are Nestor Almendros days. Yesterday was one of those. By that, I mean, the kind of day you lust after and then, like a tiny whisp of a dream, Nestor plucks it out of your imagination and puts it up on the screen. Boom, you have Days of Heaven, the one brilliant film Terrence Malick made. When Malick enlisted the help of cinematographers Nestor Almendros and Haskell Wexler and composer Ennio Morricone, he knew that his film would be heartbreaking in its beauty.
The images and sounds this team put together are what I measure all days by.

And then, there is the voice of Linda Manz guiding us on the journey. A stunning voice-over that is at once a voice from the past and your very own voice. A story that tells itself. Long ago, I wrote a book of movie poems- poems based on movies- called Polaroids. In this book I have a poem called "A Procession of Travlers", it's all about these days of heaven. Just like yesterday.

A Procession of Travelers

During the days and nights of heaven
we ride the river looking for the light
in each other's eyes
arms extended we reach for reflections on the water
and find the faces of strangers that have crossed the stars before us

on land we travel slower
finding fewer reminders of ourselves
settling the west with dreams of locusts
and indigo sky

flames of wheat pierce our hearts
and open us up to the spirits
while we gather the dust and rain
a procession of travelers mimic the storm
skirts billow under the planets

a kind of copper moon falls our way.


And of course, there is always Van, reminding us of days like this.

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